Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Rows of Ozette and Haida potatoes, rows of beans squash, and sunflowers (plus a few zinnias , marigolds, and a little basil)
all photos by Linda DC

Wide-angle of Land & Sea garden in its lovely field

Generous island resident Declan - skilled carpenter and craftsman - with a beautiful cedar/plexi podium to the right. That's a post hole digger and a pick in his hand - did we also mention he's a hard worker?

Our fantastic irrigation system, purchased with funds donated by the greathearted San Juan Masonic Lodge # 175, & installed by our good friend, garden advisor, and Mason, Tim McGee.

Look at those nobby, rich-smelling Ozettes!

Young garden gnomes lurking among the many flowers. Yes, they're friendly!!
And all those stakes? They're from Browne's Home Center. Thanks, Nancy!
Foggy day in Friday Harbor-town

Still life of of garden, with podiums

Garden manager Albert Strasser, with a handful of earth & some of the earliest potatoes. Potato blossoms in photo above (they smell like clean laundry) and bean blossoms, in all their purple-ness, below
sunflower leaves framing the middle school in the distance, with a ladybug nestled in the lower left there somewhere; and a squash getting more colorful and bigger by the minute.

Albert turning honey-bee before heading off to his second year at Colorado.

One more picture of a podium, and a side view of our garden plot, cleared of sod with a sod remover (like slicing butter!!) from wonderful Harbor Rental. Thanks, you guys!!
In the forefront, left, are some of the old apple and pear trees who keep watch over our garden.

Hi !

What has been going on in our Land & Sea Garden? So much!!

In June our many volunteers removed sod at our lovely plot with help from Harbor Rental, then tilled and furrowed (and found some wire worms), planted beans, Ozette and Haida potatoes, sunflowers, and winter squash, installed a great irrigation system financed by the SJ Masonic Lodge, and today, installed informational podiums to tell you all about it!

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