Wednesday, March 30, 2011


MULCHED WITH HAYLAGE THOUGHTFULLY DONATED BY BRUCE AND COLLEEN FROM MITCHELL BAY FARM. Colleen called and suggested we pile on some of this lovely hay to protect the soil for winter's cold, and enrich the soil, too. Bruce and Colleen roll hay into bundles and wrap them in plastic - they look like big marshmallows - and allow the hay to break down and slightly ferment, making a nutritious feast for animals and soil that smells like root beer!

Matt and Lucy consulting on planting methods.

Food for us workers from Bruce's garden and kitchen!
Bruce doing a great job of teaching us all what to do next!

Shann and Claudia go right to work getting that garlic going.

Linda, Lucy and Maureen getting those cloves in the row.
Candace and Bruce, with Shann & Matt.

This was a great day with Bruce Robinson, Shann, Claudia, Candace, Linda, Lucy, Matt and Maureen, and others who dropped in for a moment or two, planting garlic in the garden!

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